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About London Stansted Training Academy

Established in 2013, London Stansted Training Academy had one mission: to give businesses and individuals alike more choices and more chances. Whether you want to enhance your skills, underpin your knowledge in your current field, or take your first steps on the path to a new career, we have it covered.

Training professionals to work within the sector

For organisations

Our aim is to target specific training needs with our specialist accredited courses. We understand that as an agency or organisation you have unique requirements when it comes to motivating and retaining your employees. Our courses have been developed with these needs in mind:

Our accredited qualifications are designed to align with the steps each learner needs to take to understand what best practice is, how to achieve it and ensure that it remains an ongoing practice.

The Awarding Body of our qualifications has worked with sector experts, government bodies, trade associations and consumer groups to capture best practice and structure the knowledge all organisations need to succeed.

To shape the sectors standards, our experienced tutors will work with learners to become an expert in how to embed these standards so that your agency or organisation performs at its best.

Gaining a certified qualification shows that your agency or organisation’s capability to work to the highest standard and that you are continually improving the quality of your performance.

Specialist provider delivering credited qualifications for the sector

For learners

At London Stansted Training Academy we understand the challenges learners are most likely to face, especially when it comes to holding down a job and studying at the same time. We can therefore suggest the best and most effective ways to help learners overcome the barriers they might encounter whilst trying to gain an accredited qualification.

A career within the community and social justice sector can be very rewarding. The roles are diverse and our work based qualifications will help embed excellence into the way you deliver support and services in the community.

Our assessors are highly skilled and experienced to turn their expertise and their knowledge into helping shape the existing standards. We are happy to discuss your continuous professional development and progress.

Awards and Qualifications

London Stansted Training Academy offers qualifications that are awarded by a recognized and respected body.

Who Are We?

At the LSTA we strive to keep the education we provide at the highest level possible.
We would like to introduce ourselves.

Olivia Campbell

Business Director

Company Business Director – Co Founder of London Stansted Training Academy, providing accredited qualifications awarded by Skills For Justice (SFJ).


I have over 15 years’ experience working periodically since 1992 in the Retail Management and within the Training & Development of both Public and Private Sectors with the last eight years spent working within Judicial, Community and Social Justice. The extensive experience I have gained across business-to-consumer and public services has impacted on the understanding I have for the needs of Learners. This understanding also resulted in further research to develop a training programme that addressed the barriers to further education encountered by the survivors of domestic abuse. The programme was designed to build the confidence and self-esteem for those with low confidence and self-esteem to encourage further development and progression.The impact and difference the programme had made on the lives of the participants won the prestige National Training Award for the East of England in 2010.This desire, for quality, to be effective, and to truly care about the needs of learners in getting them real results, has resulted in my participation with European Partners to implement a global online employability programme for Europe. As a Company Director my message is clear across all target markets – A combination of the best experience for our learners, recognition of our staff, the partnerships we forge, our credibility and quality standards as a Training Provider will save our clients and learners not only time and money, should they train with us, it will also ensure they gain a highly recognised accredited qualification to achieve their desired outcomes.

Kenneth Aubrey Butler

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer and Co Founder of the London Stansted Training Academy, providing accredited qualifications awarded by Skills For Justice (SFJ).


I first began working in education in 1971, when I stood as a Senior Manager in Operations, now more commonly known as the Logistics Division. I was responsible in 1988 for setting up the NVQ center for the Open University, where I trained to become an Internal Verifier. During this time I acquired invaluable skills, which led to training hundreds of learners in their NVQs offered by The Open University. After 28 years there, I departed as a Chief Verifier in 1999, to establish my own company, Commercial Training Services. We provided NVQs, QCF certificates, Diplomas and Apprenticeships to the Leicestershire and Northamptonshire area for over 12 years. We partnered with many different institutions, including charities, colleges and corporate organisations, to train their staff and clients in accredited qualifications.The changes in government objectives have led to the diversification of Commercial Training Services UK Ltd as a community interest company, which has allowed for further expansion into other areas, thus launching as London Stansted Training Academy. This new academy has a focus on delivering accredited qualifications in Community Justice and Social Welfare – all Vital skills in a highly competitive jobs market. The ultimate aim of London Stansted Training Academy is to give more choices and more chances to every individual who are looking to advance their career.

Jackie Butler

Senior Assessor

In 1997 my husband and I set up our own Company as a Training Provider with myself as a Director. Being exposed to a training and development environment gave me the opportunity to train as an Assessor as well as an Internal Verifier.


Since then till present I worked as a Chief Assessor taking learners through their NVQ. Our Centre completed many hundreds of NVQs for Job Seekers accessing the services of Leicester and Northampton Job Centres. It is during this time, I was granted two Special Awards, for enabling learners with learning disabilities to access Further education to gain recognised accredited qualifications.

One case in particular that stands out is of a learner with a hearing impediment who passed a Level 2 Business Administration NVQ, and we were able to progress her into employment as a result.

My career in business administration where I worked for nineteen years as a Private Secretary to two managing director and this has enabled me to assess the following qualifications: Business Administration, Accounts, Customer Service, Retail. I.A.G. Warehousing and Management.

Mark van Heyningen

IT Specialist | Web development & Design
Overal IT Governance and development

Cameron Gilbert

I.T. | Software Programmer | Social Media
Managing Computer Software, Hardware & Developing Programs


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